2313 Upgrade Steps

The following steps must be performed when upgrading a Grainite cluster from 2312 (or prior) to 2313.

  1. Upgrade the Grainite cluster image:

kubectl set image sts/gxs grainite=quay.io/grainite/cluster:2313
  1. Run kubectl get pods to show the status of the pods. Once the rolling upgrade is complete and each of the pods is ready (status will show 2/2), proceed to the next step.

  2. Download the helm chart for version 2313. (You will have to replace <grainite-rel> in the second command below with your local name for the helm repo. This can be found using helm repo list)

helm repo update
helm pull <grainite-rel>/grainite --version 23.13.0
  1. Upgrade the helm chart. This step will take around 5 minutes, which is right on the boundary of the default timeout. Thus, a 10m timeout should be used as shown below:

helm upgrade grainite ./grainite-23.13.0.tgz --atomic --timeout 10m --debug --set grainiteImage=quay.io/grainite/cluster:2313 --reuse-values
  1. Check the helm history to confirm the upgrade was successful:

helm history grainite

The output should look similar to this:

1       	Fri Mar 24 13:44:06 2023	superseded	grainite-23.12.0	1.0        	Install complete
2       	Fri Mar 24 18:51:23 2023	deployed  	grainite-23.13.0	1.0        	Upgrade complete

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