The Grainite 2311 release is a limited production ready (PR) release meant for Grainite Design Partners. This release is suitable for continued application development, production deployments and creation of operational practices for Grainite Clusters.

New Features:

  • We’ve enhanced the utility of the gx log command by adding a --filter option. This applies a user-specified regex to filter the output of the streaming logs to enable, among other things, searching for a log message or filtering logs by application. See the documentation for more details.


  • A bug was discovered in previous versions where the server crashes if the same name is specified in app.yaml for both a table and a topic. Starting with this release, an error is thrown in this scenario instead and the server will not crash. Duplicate names for both tables and topics will be allowed in a future release, but for now, please have unique names across tables and topics in your applications.

  • Stability and performance fixes.

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