The Grainite 2326.7 release is a limited production ready (PR) release meant for Grainite Design Partners. This release is suitable for continued application development, production deployments and creation of operational practices for Grainite Clusters.

This release is incompatible with older client versions. When upgrading your Grainite cluster/container to this and later releases, please ensure you also upgrade your gx CLI version as well as client library to the same version.

New Features:

  • Role Based Access Control is now generally available. Please see the documentation here for more details on setup and usage.

  • Support has been added for Azure Key Vault for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) data encryption at rest. Setup instructions for BYOK data encryption can be found here.

  • Early access: Secondary indexes can now be queried from within action handlers via the context API. More details here. At this time, this early access capability is available for Java. Support for the Python context API is in development.


  • The developer docker image for running Grainite in a single node is now public and no longer requires access credentials. The -u and -t options for gx start for username and token are now deprecated as they are no longer needed. Note that without a license, commercial use of the image in production is prohibited. Our sales team can help with purchasing a license and can be contacted at sales@grainite.com

Known Issues:

  • Affects only single node development instances, not clusters: after a large amount of data has been ingested (approximately over 5GB) of events, if the Grainite container is restarted, topic dump may hang. The workaround if this issue is encountered would be to delete accumulated data by running rm -rf <path to dx directory>.


  • gx task start and gx task stop are now synchronous. Prior to this release, these commands were handled asynchronously.

  • Stability and performance fixes.

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