The Grainite 2318 release is a limited production ready (PR) release meant for Grainite Design Partners. This release is suitable for continued application development, production deployments and creation of operational practices for Grainite Clusters.


  • For single-node (development) instances running on Linux: The Grainite server will now enforce that a core pattern was set properly during setup. This allows cores to be generated in the event of a crash to enable debugging. If running a single-node Grainite docker container on a linux machine, please follow the steps in our documentation to set this up.

New Features:

  • Debezium Extension (Early Access): An early access version of the Debezium extension is now available. This extension allows reading from a Debezium source connector and optionally writing from that input out to a JDBC interface. Documentation for the extension can be found here.

Known Issues:

  • Affects only single node development instances, not clusters: after a large amount of data has been ingested (approximately over 5GB) of events, if the Grainite container is restarted, topic dump may hang. The workaround if this issue is encountered would be to delete accumulated data by running rm -rf <path to dx directory>.


  • Stability and performance fixes.

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