Workflow Orchestration (gx workflow)

GX CLI allows administrators to interact with Workflows.

For details, please run gx workflow --help

gx workflow [-hqvV] [--skip-health-check] [--tls] [-c[=]] [-a=] [-e=] [--gxFile=Use the given properties file instead of the one at {userhome}/.gx.] [-H=] [--health_port=] [-p=] [-P=] [--pass=] [-t=] [COMMAND]

With GX CLI, you can run Commands which provide meaningful information about workflows based on the Workflow ID.

  • list all Workflow IDs within a Workflow table

  • getstatus of a Workflow

  • getlog of a Workflow

  • dump the state of a Workflow

  • kill a Workflow

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