Generate Project (gx gen all)

gx gen all [--fghMqV] [-c[=<YAML config>]] [-p=<basePath>]

gx gen all generates classes, constants, and other files based on the YAML configuration file. If a generated file already exists, the change is made to it. As a result, this command can be used to generate missing action handlers in existing projects, based on the YAML configuration file.

By default, all generated code is printed to stdin. To have gx create or modify the files themselves, refer to the --modify flag.

gx gen all -M


1. --modify

Edit existing files.

By default, all output for gx gen is printed out to the console. In order to have gx create, modify or edit existing files, use this flag.

Use this with caution on existing files as comments and formatting could possibly be changed.

2. --path

Base path to create files.

This is used with --modify to specify the location of the root project directory.

3. --force

Override existing constant declarations.

gx gen all generates a "Constants" file, with constants containing YAML file declarations. By default, if these constants already exist and are different from what gx expects them to be, gx will exit. This flag can be used to have gx override this functionality.

4. --gradle

Generate a Gradle project.

By default, a Maven project is generated.

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