App Log (gx log)

gx log [-hqV][-H=<host>]

gx log will print the last 1000 lines of the application logs.


1. --follow

Outputs appended data as the log file grows.

This is the same as tail -f.

Default - false.

2. --lines

The number of last log lines to fetch.

Default - 1000.

3. --raw

Prints the logs without parsing them.

Default - false.

4. --filter

Regex to apply when streaming logs.

For example,--filter="<env name>:<app name>" can be used to filter logs for a specific app:

gx log --filter="default:userflows"

5. --ignore-case

Ignore case distinctions in patterns and input data, so that characters that differ only in case match each other.

To be used with --filter.

Default - false.

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