Invoke Action (gx table invoke)

gx table invoke [-dhqV] [-c[=<YAML config>]] [-H=<host>] [-p=<port>] [-P=<adminPort>] <actionName> <grainKey> <payload>

gx table invoke <action name> <grain key> <payload> invokes an action handler for the provided action name for a provided grain.

$> gx table invoke updateEvents test 123
Running gx table invoke with options:
        App: userflows
Action Name: updateEvents
  Grain Key: test
    Payload: 123
 Debug Mode: false
       Host: localhost
       Port: 5056
 Admin Port: 5057


1. Action Name

Name of the action to invoke.

Use gx table list to view all actions in the current app.

2. Grain Key

Key for the grain to invoke.

Currently, all keys will be of type STRING.

3. Payload

Payload with which to invoke the handler.

Currently, all payloads will be of type STRING.

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