Table Dump (gx table dump)

gx table dump [-hV] [--raw] [-c[=<YAML config>]] [-ap=<adminPort>] [-H=<host>] [-kt=<keyType>] [-p=<port>] [-j [=<jarFiles>...]]... <tableName>

gx table dump <table name> prints all the grains in the given table.

$> gx table dump
[INFO] Table name parameter not specified. Showing options from config file for userflows
? Which table would you like to view? user_table

Running gx table dump with options:
       Jar: target/userflows-jar-with-dependencies.jar
  App Name: userflows
Table Name: user_table
      Host: localhost
      Port: 5056
key: 2509, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@669513d8
key: 1590, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@3a1d593e
key: 4949, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@4a8a60bc
key: 6270, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@361c294e
key: 1576, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@7859e786
key: 6090, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@285d851a
key: 3431, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@314b8f2d
key: 2692, value: org.samples.userflows.actions.UserGrainUpdatesHandler$UserMeta@664a9613


1. Table Name

Name of the table from which to get grains.

Use gx table list to view all tables in the current app.

If a table name isn't provided, users are prompted to select a table, based on the configuration file.

List Tables (gx table list)


1. --maps

List of map IDs to dump for all grains in the table.

Default: none.

2. --all-maps

Dump all maps for all grains in the table.

This flag overrides --maps.

Default: false.

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