Running Grainite in Docker

Once your environment is set up, use these instructions to spin up a Grainite server on your laptop or virtual machine.

Note: If using RHEL or UBI, please refer to the instructions below which use Podman instead of Docker.

Download and install Docker on your laptop or VM, if not already installed. Also make sure the minimum required resources are configured. Instructions for this are on the previous page.

Run the below command to download the Grainite server docker image and start running it. If you are developing an application for a cluster running a specific known version, you should replace latest with the Grainite version of the cluster you'll be deploying to (e.g. 2325).

gx start --image

On Linux (RHEL/UBI)

Make sure to create a directory called dx in your $HOME. You can then download and start Grainite using Podman.

If Podman is not present in your RedHat image, you can install it using

sudo yum install podman

You can then download and start the Grainite container using

sudo podman run -d --restart always --shm-size=2g --hostname=grainite --name=grainite -p 5064:5064 -p 5056:5056 -p 5057:5057 -v $HOME/dx:/home/grainite/dx:z

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