Topic Dump (gx topic dump)

gx topic dump [-hV] [--raw] [-c[=<YAML config>]] [-H=<host>] [-kt=<keyType>] [-p=<port>] [-j[=<jarFiles>...]]... <topicName>gx table invoke [-dhqV]

gx topic dump <topic name> prints all events in the given topic.

$> gx topic dump
Key: 5037
	(1) {"requestPayload":{"view":{"location":"authorize","flow":"redeemPointsMagazineSubscription"},"user":{"publicGuid":"5037","extraworkload":"abc","visitorId":"1647562901606"},"device":{"channel":"phone"}}}
Key: 3269
	(1) {"requestPayload":{"view":{"location":"authenticate","flow":"replaceCreditCard"},"user":{"publicGuid":"3269","extraworkload":"abc","visitorId":"1647562901754"},"device":{"channel":"mobile"}}}


1. Topic Name

Name of the topic from which to get events.

Use gx topic list to view all topics in the current app.

If a topic name isn't provided, users are prompted to select a topic, based on the configuration file.

2. Keys

Keys for events to dump.

By default, all events in the topic will be dumped.


1. --save

Save cursor position in the topic.

By default, cursor position is not saved, and as a result, all topic dump commands will print out all the events in the topic.

2. --cursor

Cursor name to use.

This should be used with --save.

3. --follow

Prints appended data as the topic grows.

This flag causes topic dump to not stop printing data when the end of the topic is reached, but rather to wait for additional data to be appended to the topic.

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