The Grainite 2333 release is a limited production ready (PR) release meant for Grainite Design Partners. This release is suitable for continued application development, production deployments and creation of operational practices for Grainite Clusters.

NOTE: When upgrading an existing cluster to 2333, please follow the special instructions as version 2333 includes helm chart changes.

New Features:

  • Early Access: Grainite now has a REST API interface. API docs with examples for this early access interface can be found here.

  • Action Handler annotations have been added to make it easier to access GrainiteContext, Logger, and the handler config map within your handler. Declare them as instance variables and use them anywhere in your class without the need to explicitly pass them around. More details can be found here.

  • Early Access: App configurations can now be generated programmatically based on user-supplied configuration parameters. Usage instructions for this early access feature can be found here.

  • gx log now supports clusters. Usage instructions can be found here.


  • Stability and performance fixes.

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